Cost-effective, Simple Security for Today’s Connected Students

Nov 17, 2020

The current pandemic situation has highlighted the need to rapidly scale bandwidth and provide secure access for students, faculty, and administrators. This presentation will look at the challenges to deliver engaging, relevant, and meaningful…

Microsoft Threat Protection for Education

Oct 30, 2020

Microsoft Threat Protection is a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated solution providing end-to-end security for your institution. After attending this session you will have a better understanding of the technology and integrations in MTP.

Firewall Hardening with Expedition

Oct 30, 2020

Nathan Cable, one of the Enhanced Cyber Security (ECS) regional advocates, along with members of the ECS project team, will demonstrate how machine learning and rule enrichment on Expedition provides visibility and awareness. Join…

10 Weeks In: The COVID Journey and Looking Forward

Oct 30, 2020

COVID-19 has schools reacting in real time. This session looks at realities from a BC School District IT team, and where schools are 10 weeks into the school year from perspectives of educators, students,…

IT Leadership Lessons from Sith Lord Darth Vader

Oct 30, 2020

Can we learn something from Darth Vader? Absolutely! He had numerous words of wisdom that we can call on to improve our own IT Leadership. Whether you are an leader, or team member, join…

Going Cloud First with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Oct 30, 2020

Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows schools to simplify device management while providing a better end user experience. In this session we will talk about the recent enhancements to MEM and how schools can benefit.

Staying Ahead of the Ever Changing Security Landscape in K-12

Oct 30, 2020

How can a school district better protect itself and their staff around Cybersecurity? Join Central Okanagan SD 23 and IBM K-12 Education to learn how they developed a cybersecurity awareness program to promote a…

Identity: Get the basics right with Azure AD

Oct 30, 2020

Identity is a critical foundation for your IT infrastructure. In this session we will discuss how Azure AD should be deployed in an education scenario.

From Print Spooler to Domain Admin in 30 Minutes or Less

Oct 30, 2020

New attack techniques come out all the time, but once in a while an extremely versatile attack is discovered that fundamentally changes defense of Active Directory networks. Dustin will discuss MS-RPRN Print Spooler Notification…

Cloud Computing is a Transformational Capability

Oct 30, 2020

Join Abbotsford School District’s presentation to learn how they developed a cloud strategy and roadmap. The district will share their implementation plan for how they leveraged Azure cloud services to address their disaster recovery,…