IT4K12 - 2020

Speakers 4


Adi Aharon

Educational Technology Integration Specialist, Crofton House School

Vancouver based educator with a passion for meaningful technology integration, powerful inquiry questions, and reflective teaching practices and strategies. Adi Aharon is a Google Certified Innovator and an Apple Distinguished Educator. She has worked…

Alon Goldberg

Senior Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

Alon specializes in network and security consulting, design, implementation and support. He has extensive experience over the past 20 years in deploying security technologies into enterprise and government networks in Canada and is a…

    Amber Mac

    Keynote Speaker

    Amber Mac is a world-renowned expert on all things marketing, technology, innovation, and transformation. Her popular Twitter feed boasts more than 120,000 followers from around the world, each eager to consume her hard-won insights on…

      Chris King

      IBM Consultant, IBM

      IBM Consultant and subject matter expert in a variety of K-12 systems and environments.

        Craig Brumwell

        Social Studies Teacher, SD 39

        Craig Brumwell has taught Social Studies and Geography at Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver since 1988. His practice focuses on situated learning, Place-Based Learning and inquiry. He has bachelor degrees in Physical Education (UBC)…

          Darren Maltais

          Featured Speaker, EdTechTeam Canada

          After eight years of experience as a classroom teacher, Darren began working as a Technology Integration Facilitator for Black Gold School Division in Alberta, Canada. He is now in his sixth year in that…

            Dr. Helen Papagiannis

            Augmented Reality Speaker and Author of Augmented Human

            Helen has been working with AR for a decade as a researcher, designer, and technology evangelist. Dr. Papagiannis was named among the NEXT 100 Top Influencers of the Digital Media Industry. She is the…

              Evan Garland

              Manager of Information Technology and Security, SD 61

              Since the original implementation of NGN in late 2014, Evan G has been actively working with the Ministry to raise the security floor in SD 61. With the implementation of ECS, there are new…

                Graham Johnson

                Learning Technology Consultant, SD 23

                Graham is a Learning Technology Consultant from Central Okanagan Public Schools. He works with teachers across his district's 44 schools to create a digital learning culture. Graham is passionate about communicating student learning, making…

                  Isabella MacQuarrie

                  Learning Support Coordinator, SD 27

                  I am a passionate and dedicated professional educator with over 20 years of successful experience. My greatest strengths include: collaborative leadership, strategic planning, empowering educators to develop their leadership and instructional skills, and commitment…

                    Jay Dixon

                    Curriculum & Resource Development Lead-ShareEdBC, Ministry of Education

                    Jay Dixon’s secondment by the Ministry of Education has been created to support content management, guidance on instructional design, and to liaise between school districts and the Ministry regarding ShareEdBC. He has more than…

                      Jennifer Roberts

                      District Principal of Transformative Learning, SD 05

                      Jennifer Roberts started her education career in the classroom teaching grade 4 through college.  After sixteen years she moved into school administration and five years later began her current role as District Principal of…

                      Karman O’Brien

                      Compliance & Director, IT

                      Karman O’Brien is the Director of Information Technology at Abbotsford School District. Karman leads the District's IT initiatives, including their strategy and implementation for on-demand computing resources, along with many others. Karman has worked…

                        Kathyrn D’Angelo

                        Lead Educator - ShareEdBC, Ministry of Education

                        Kathyrn D'Angelo is currently contracted as a Lead Educator on the ShareEdBC development project. Prior to this Kathyrn was the Assistant Superintendent of Schools in SD 38 Richmond. She has a background in Education…

                          Linda Dun

                          Director of Strategic Initiatives - ShareEdBC, Ministry of Education

                          Linda has been with the Ministry of Education since January 2018 and joined the ShareEdBC team in July 2019. She is very excited about moving the ShareEdBC project through the beta phase to production…

                            Lisa Domeier de Suarez

                            Makerspace/ADST/ Teacher Librarian, SD 36

                            I am a teacher librarian, makerspace and online learning teacher at the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL). Previously, I was a District Helping Teacher for Tech Integration/Learning Commons/Social Media. I am passionate about…

                            Mark Hauk

                            Virtual Field Trip Coordinator, SD 23

                            Mark Hauk is the founder and coordinator of the SD 23 (Central Okanagan) Virtual Field Trip & Virtual Reality Programs and is a proponent of live video connections in the classroom to deliver 21st…

                              Matt Williams

                              Director of Technology , SD 67

                                Matthew Hull

                                Director of Technology

                                Matthew started working in Powell River 13 years ago in a middle school teaching Spanish and InfoTech. Shortly after he moved to the tech department and has been working with educational technology since. In…

                                  Monica Berra

                                  District VP Learning Innovations - Learning Commons, SD #57

                                  Monica Berra has been actively supporting the integration of culturally responsive resources to support the blending of indigenous knowledge into the curriculum. She co-presented Taking Your Seat at the Fire with with Leona Prince…

                                  Nicole Cruz

                                  District Coding Teacher, SD 43

                                  Nicole Cruz is a District Coding Support Teacher at SD 43 and has been an educator for over 10 years.  As a thought-leader on STEAM education, she supports schools by sharing her passion for…

                                  Orwell Kowalyshyn

                                  Makerspace/ADST Teacher, SD 36

                                  I am a blended learning teacher at the Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning (SAIL). I also teach Makerspace for STEM/STEAM programs in grades 8-10. Previously, I taught secondary science and I was also a…

                                  Patricia Sheaves

                                  Account Manager, ERAC

                                  I have been with ERAC for 8 years, providing strategic support to the Executive Director and serving as lead negotiator for provincial licensing and preferred pricing agreements for ERAC members. I have worked in…

                                    Sean Cunniam

                                    Educational Project Manager, Open School BC

                                    My name is Sean and I am an Educational Project Manager with the Ministry of Education, Open School BC. For the past 16 years I have been developing K-12 and public sector courses for…

                                      Sue Gardner

                                      Former Executive Director of Wikimedia Foundation

                                      The former Executive Director of Wikimedia (which runs Wikipedia), Sue Gardner is one of a few women who has headed up a top ten website. A formidable speaker on new media, she looks to the future of collaboration on the web. How will the new knowledge economy—where content is free, and everyone’s a contributor—affect our education, our journalism, and our democracy?

                                        Ted Pennell

                                        Director of Information Technology, SD 61

                                        Ted is an Information Technology Leader with a passion for improving public education through technology. He has a diverse background in information technology, business operations, and public education and greatly values innovation as an…

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