IT4K12 - 2020

David Peterson

Secondary Science Teacher
SD 91 Nechako Lakes

Mia and David work and learn at Nechako Valley Secondary School in Vanderhoof, BC on the traditional territory of the Saik’uz First Nation. Mia has her master’s in educational leadership and teaches science and humanities in our grade 7/8 Middle Years Program. David has his master’s in mathematical logic and teaches grade 9-12 science, mathematics, and computer science.

For the past 4 years, our collaboration has been focused on the Koh Learning Project, a partnership between School District 91 and the University of Northern B.C. which seeks to connect learners, land, and community through a shared focus on the Nechako Watershed. This shared focus has been a real gift helping us to see our differences not as shortcomings, but as complementary strengths to contribute. Mia helps us to see the “Why” while David helps us to work through the “How”.

We love sharing our work and stories with colleagues! We have shared with the Networks of Inquiry and Indigenous Education; the Growing Innovations in Rural Sites of Learning; and the Environment, Community, and Health Observatory Network.