IT4K12 - 2020

Amber Mac

Keynote Speaker

Amber Mac is a world-renowned expert on all things marketing, technology, innovation, and transformation. Her popular Twitter feed boasts more than 120,000 followers from around the world, each eager to consume her hard-won insights on the next generation of business and consumer technology. Whether it be enhancing customer experience, understanding how to leverage AI, or building an unforgettable brand from scratch—as she’s done—Mac empowers leaders and organizations to take advantage of the digital revolution. Now the co-host of Marketing Disrupted—the Accenture-produced series that debuted as the #1 business podcast in the country—Mac explores how CMOs can adapt to the changing landscape and incoming hurdles that digital disruption will bring. And in the top-rated (and award-winning) podcast The AI Effect, Mac speaks to high-profile guests about the challenges and benefits of AI adoption in Canada, alongside Accenture’s Jodie Wallis. She also remains a regular business host and expert for Fast Company, CNN, Bloomberg TV, CBS, BNN, and The Marilyn Denis Show.