IT4K12 - 2020

Skeakers 1

Ted Pennell
Director of Information Technology, SD 61
Sue Gardner
Former Executive Director of Wikimedia Foundation
Sean Cunniam
Educational Project Manager, Open School BC
Patricia Sheaves
Account Manager, ERAC
Orwell Kowalyshyn
Makerspace/ADST Teacher, SD 36
Nicole Cruz
District Coding Teacher, SD 43
Monica Berra
District VP Learning Innovations - Learning Commons, SD #57
Matthew Hull
Director of Technology
Matt Williams
Director of Technology , SD 67
Mark Hauk
Virtual Field Trip Coordinator, SD 23
Lisa Domeier de Suarez
Makerspace/ADST/ Teacher Librarian, SD 36
Linda Dun
Director of Strategic Initiatives - ShareEdBC, Ministry of Education
Kathyrn D’Angelo
Lead Educator - ShareEdBC, Ministry of Education
Karman O’Brien
Compliance & Director, IT
Jennifer Roberts
District Principal of Transformative Learning, SD 05
Jay Dixon
Curriculum & Resource Development Lead-ShareEdBC, Ministry of Education
Isabella MacQuarrie
Learning Support Coordinator, SD 27
Graham Johnson
Learning Technology Consultant, SD 23
Evan Garland
Manager of Information Technology and Security, SD 61
Dr. Helen Papagiannis
Augmented Reality Speaker and Author of Augmented Human
Darren Maltais
Featured Speaker, EdTechTeam Canada
Craig Brumwell
Social Studies Teacher, SD 39
Chris King
IBM Consultant, IBM
Amber Mac
Keynote Speaker
Alon Goldberg
Senior Systems Engineer, Palo Alto Networks
Adi Aharon
Educational Technology Integration Specialist, Crofton House School

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